Day Time Free Fun

There will always be a lot happening during the days of the Crewe Steampunk Convivial, and all of it completely free to watch, to join in, to enter, to be amazed.



The Palace of Curiosities, Blacksmith at work at the Forge, Re-enactors, Greg Chapman’s Interactive Condensed Histories, Juggling, Ichabod Steam and his Animatronic Band, The Time Travelling Tea Tent, Picnics, Wandering Musicians and Steampunk Buskers, Afternoon Tea, Shoot the Vampire, a Steampunk Market in the new Lifestyle Centre, Steam Traction Engines, Nerf Gun Duelling, there will be something to please and amuse everyone.


Lady in Square


AND anyone can dress up and join in! There are no rules, no authenticity police – the whole genre of steampunk is based on an imaginary Retro-Future of Victorian Science Fiction – sort of “what would the past be like if the future had arrived earlier” – and so a tweed jacket and a cloth cap are just as “right” as a frock coat and top hat. You can find things in charity shops, or go on line and find specialist suppliers (such as the traders who will be at the steampunk market in the new Lifestyle Centre). The only rule that I have managed to ascertain is to be as splendid as you can!





We are very pleased to be able to tell you that we have been lucky enough to secure properly steampunk professional Town Criers!!

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